Doctors Medical Clinic
Family Practice and Maternity Care
Susan L. Edwards BSc MD MCFP

The Doctor's Medical Clinic regretfully announce that Dr. Edwards has retired effective 1st of March 2017.

Dr. Edwards understands that this puts her patients in a very difficult position. She is very aware of the shortage of family doctors in Victoria. Unfortunately, the rest of the doctors at Doctors Medical Clinic have full practices and cannot assume the care of any more patients without jeopardizing the care of those thousands they already have.

Dr. Edwards has sent a letter to every patient of hers explaining the situation. Some resources that might help in the search for a new doctor are

Once you find a doctor or clinic to take over your care, the usual procedure is for you to sign a consent for release of your medical records to your new doctor or clinic. Your records are available at the DMC office either for you to pick up or for your new doctor to ask for. The Clinic's usual low fee will apply to the work involved in this process.