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Book Appointments On Line - Click here

This link takes you to Accession Central. Through this portal, you can make on-line PHONE appointments with your doctor and view your test results. If you need an in-person appointment with your doctor, please call the office instead.

Before using Accession Central, you must have a personal e-mail address and cell phone number. These need to be registered with our office.

If you prefer, you can also make on-line appointments with your cell phone. Download the "Aero Patient 2" app from Google Play or the Apple Store and make sure you have registered your cell phone number with our office.

Before booking an appointment, please read our Pandemic Safety Plan

Most appointments are first managed through telemedicine (phone or video) and are booked for 10 minutes. If you have more than one problem, please speak with the receptionist when booking the appointment. Additional appointments can be arranged if needed.

Click for your doctor's telemedicine link

Please be available by your phone or computer for the doctor's call and try to be understanding if your doctor is running late, as it is impossible to predict the urgent situations that occasionally arise.

For those problems that cannot wait, just phone and your doctor will try to speak with you on the same day. You are likely to get better care if you speak to your regular family physician first rather than go to a walk-in clinic or other telemedicine service.

Family members and friends are welcome to participate in the telephone or video call with you. The doctor will not discuss your care with anyone without your permission so if you want a family member or friend involved in your care, it is best to have them present with you during the call or arrange for a conference call.

Missed Appointments

Please call if you won't be available for your appointment. This is a courtesy to your doctor, to the office staff, and to all the other patients waiting to be called that day. This is especially important for any longer scheduled appointments.

If your doctor has approved an in-person appointment, please be on time and please bring a mask. If you develop any symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, do not come to the office. Phone instead to postpone your appointment or speak to the doctor.

Because of the work involved in scheduling appointments, if you are not available when called or fail to show up to an in-person appointment without calling, you may be charged a fee.

Never miss an appointment!
By supplying your cell phone number and asking our staff for a text reminder, our computer will automatically send your phone an appointment reminder 24 hours before all your future appointments.