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Telemedicine (Virtual Visit) Information


We can do virtual doctor visits via video(using computer or cell phone) or, more commonly, by phone. When you book your appointment, make sure you know if it is in-person, by phone, or video. If it is by phone or video, please ensure you are in a quiet private place to receive the call. For video appointments, please read the technical and privacy information below BEFORE checking into the virtual waiting room.

We are using for secure video conferencing. Make sure you have set up an appointment either on-line or by phoning our reception before checking into a virtual waiting room. Please advise us of your preferred phone number as a back-up. If you are having technical problems, don't worry; we will call you on your preferred phone number instead. can be used on any device (computer, iPad, cell phone) that has a camera and microphone; however, your browser software must be up-to-date. It does not work with Microsoft Windows Explorer or Edge. It works well with Chrome, FireFox (Mozilla), and Safari. Apple iPhone users may have problems if their Safari software is not up to date. For more technical help see

If you have a skin condition, a photograph is often helpful and provides a better image resolution than the video screen. You can send a photo to our email address with your doctor's name in the subject line: for example, "For Dr. Nielsen". If your problem requires a visit for examination, biopsy, or other procedure, then we will advise you and set up an in-person appointment.


By choosing to use or send photos by email, you must recognize that your security and privacy may be at risk. is secure and private but it is an American-based company. It does not monitor or save the conversations between people, but it may save and use data such as dates, times, and names of whom you have interacted with. Whether communicating by video or telephone, you have to ensure your own privacy in the place from which you are calling...for example, can someone in the same room or house hear what you are saying? E-mail is also not completely secure. Messages can be accidentally sent to the wrong person. E-mails could be read on your device if it is shared with other people. In using these methods of communications, we assume that you are aware of these risks and accept them.