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Accession On Line - Click here

Accession is a way that you can view parts of your record and your test results on line for no extra charge. You can also monitor the status of your referral and book appointments on-line. If you would like to access your records or make appointments online, then speak to our office staff while you are visiting. For security, we will not give log-in information over the phone.

Please do not call about test results unless your doctor has advised you to do so. In most cases, if tests have been deemed important to do, then it is equally important that you make an appointment to return afterwards to discuss them with your doctor.

Your doctor may tell you that he or she will call you if there is any concern about your test result. But occassionally communication may break down. So if you can't remember what your doctor told you, or you are still not feeling well, or you are worried, then it is best to book an appointment to see your doctor.

The waiting list for some tests is very long. For example, some non-urgent MRI's have a waiting list longer than 1 year. However, feel free to call our office if you think the wait is longer than you were originally told. Sometimes requests for tests get lost in the system.

Some referrals also take a long time. You can log into "Accession" (see above) to monitor the status of your referral. If you are feeling worse and have not yet heard anything about your referral, then please call our office.