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Safety Plan - for pandemic Respiratory Viruses (COVID-19 and Influenza)

All our doctors and staff will be making themselves available to you. We will keep our usual business and phone hours. As much as possible, we are making telephone and video appointments. Photos can be e-mailed to us prior to your appointment.

Click for your doctor's telemedicine link and information about sending photos and your privacy and security risks.

Some patients will need to be seen in person. Your doctor will speak with you first to decide if this is necessary. For your safety we are going to keep our clinic free of respiratory virus (RV) (COVID-19 and Influenza). These are the measures we will be taking:

Symptoms of Respiratory Virus (COVID-19 and Influenza):

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and feeling worse than a normal cold, please call the clinic to speak to your doctor or phone 811. If you are feeling very short of breath, weak, or dizzy, call 911 for an ambulance.